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"Inspiring women to accentuate their unique beauty, one stroke at a time"

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As a nationally acclaimed professional photographer, I recognize that my clients not only want to look authentic, confident, and beautiful; they want to feel that way.

For years I’ve been behind the lens capturing people’s expressions, emotions, and personalities. I understand how my client’s makeup will translate on camera. While photographing my subjects I’ve prided myself on having a deep understanding of color composition as well as an intuitive knowledge of how lighting affects the appearance of facial color, lines, and angles. I’ve mastered the art of using light, shadow, and dimensional colors to create stunning imagery that depicts my client’s personality and active lifestyle.

However, I never truly recognized the powerful effect the right makeup application could have on a person until I watched my makeup artists at work in my studio. Thereafter, I began to view makeup as a tool of creative expression; empowering my clients with an abundance of confidence as their best features became accentuated with definition and design. The results were breathtaking!

With each photograph more beautiful than the next, I began using SEINT Beauty products on myself and later on my clients.  I quickly mastered the application process. It was simple and the transformation was incredible!

Before I knew it, people began questioning what I did to have such a youthful, complexion for my age. Today I am passionate about empowering women with products for every skin type. For women who lead active lifestyles, it’s the little nuances and multi-dimensional application techniques that accentuate your best facial features and filter out your worst. With these products, you are prepared to look your best for every setting you’re in. That is what makes SEINT's highly pigmented products such a joy to work with!

My videos are designed to reveal techniques for creating multi-dimensional applications that contour, layer, highlight and illuminate your skin. You’ll be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to achieve the appearance of a flawless, airbrushed facial canvas. It’s time that you reveal your distinctly unique and striking appearance.

Contact me today for a comprehensive color matching session and in no time, you will effortlessly achieve your own personalized makeup routine and you will have that polished, youthful, "lit from within" look every day of the week. 

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Hey Beautiful Women - 

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Hey there! I've become too busy to sell SEINT Makeup, ( Eloquently Emmie has over 144K followers on Instagram and over 20K on Youtube) but I still love it and use it on myself and my clients.  If you would like professional makeup for your photo session call or text me at (704) 777-8845 I'd love to give you the perfect makeup for your portrait Session.  Emmie8    xoxo
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