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Let me tell your story ….


Spending time with those who matter most to you; smiles, hugs, warm embraces and laughter shared.  Maybe you’re expecting or just don’t know what to expect?  The next thing you know, you’re gazing into the eyes of this little person you never knew you could love so deeply.  The people that always made you feel special, were there for you when you needed them and that you just can’t imagine your life without.  Or perhaps it’s seeing yourself through the eyes of a beloved pet whose only mission in life is to be your best friend.  These love relationships and moments in time are what make your family so special. 


Everyone has a story to tell.  I tell your story through the images I capture.  They are glimpses of your time, the love you’ve shared and the moments you will forever cherish.


It is my honor to tell your story, the way you remember it, with love and where words just aren’t enough.

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