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Choosing The Right Package

Photography Packages and pricing can be confusing.  My goal is to help you to choose the right package for your specific photographic needs.  I've tried to make my pricing a simple and painless process, as I want your portrait experience to be fantastic and I want you to have images and art that you are absolutely in love with!


Creation Fee Package is the “Session Package” that every client will purchase. It is for the client that wants a full professional portrait session, high-resolution jpegs that they can download, print and share; as well as the ability to purchase professional prints at a reduced price from their online gallery and have them drop-shipped to their home.


Portrait Packages are for the "discerning client" who wants a fantastic experience but also wants to invest in some beautiful imagery for their home.  They want a superior product, the best archival printing in the market today and my professional assistance and attention in helping them choose their products and framing to create timeless family heirlooms.

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